Vegetable Consumption Pattern In East Java And Bali

The world starts with over population, and the current presence of climate change has exaggerated this condition. Indonesia, as one of highly populated countries in the planet, is facing such problem. Disturbance of food and nutrition security has a potential of political instability. Strong dependence on rice as staple food is vulnerable, since it is only fulfill calorie intake. Fulfilling adequate calorie intake is a necessary condition, but it is insufficient. For healthy growth of human being, sufficiency in nutritional intake is also important. Vegetables are good sources of nutrition. These contain essential vitamins and micro nutrients required by human body for metabolism. Deficiency in such nutrition leads to unhealthy condition. This paper aims to provide an overview of vegetable consumption to support food and nutrition security. With respect to food security, vegetables are expected to support food security program by providing substitute to rice. The results shows that pattern of vegetable consumption vary across provinces. Patter of vegetable consumption in East Java was slightly better than that in Bali, in terms of diversity, motivations and volume of consumption. In general, level of vegetable consumption was still low in all regions.

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