The Development Strategy of Higher Education Publishing Institution in Digital Era

UTM Press as a higher education publishing institution (university press) faces a huge challenge. Not
only the high level of competition with other publishing industries, the shifting of reader’s interest and
the development of information technology should also noteworthy. The result of the information
searching shows that the readers have shifted towards e-book which then threatens the present of
conventional book (paper based). UTM Press has a chance to develop. lt was based on the result of
situational analysis which shows that the campus internal market remains untapped well. Moreover,
the student market ond the public segments remain to be targeted. When viewed from the side of the
text and the author’s willingness, UTM Press has a considerable potential. In addition to conventional
strategies such as other book publishing business, UTM Press needs to develop three key concepts,
namely: Print on Demand, e-stores, and e-book. lf these three concepts developed consistently, UTM
Press will be able to compete and become o professional publisher.
Keywords: university press, print on demand, e-store, e-book, digital.

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